Sailing to moon

Hey Moon,
How you are perfect round?
Sailing at high bound.

World shines in your dim light,
Beauty at turn-around sight.
Dipped in silver white,
Is there snow-down all nite? 

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  1. I like the way you have spoken to the moon in this poem. I wonder what its answer will be to your question!

  2. I love how you address the moon and describe her soft beauty...

  3. they say it is supposed to snow this weekend here...not much
    a skiff....will be cool to see, though def early....
    our moon is in half right now too...I went out to the yard
    last night and looked up at it...

  4. Lovely. I like both the wording the small size (I really like short poems). Nicely done.

  5. dipped in silver-white
    nice.. the moon is a treat to watch...

  6. To dream about the moon.. and imagine all it could be.. is the gift of our ancestors.. that the truly creative do still share..

    i can write about the moon and the beauty it inspires in life.. everywhere i go.. at night.. and even day...

    But that will never match the beauty.. me alone.. on with moon alone on moonlit nights..

    of beauty free..;)

    1. Good thing, it always inspires to write about it and its beauty.. :)

  7. The moon is always beautiful, dipped in silver white ~

    1. Ya... :) Thanks for making your time here.... :)

  8. Love the thought of dipping in silver white...this is lovely. :-)

  9. The moon must be pondering!! vey nice thoughts about the moon, the silvery ball keeps glowing


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