College days! :)

A Promise:)
The cool drinks that was tasted till the last drop in the canteen,
 which was so and so called as TREAT.
A cold conversation with college bus conductor.
The busy mobile chats under the table in silent mood 
(one mobile with three sender :D )
The pin-drop silent was maintain 
when the whole class was in sleepy status.
Always carrying records in bag 
as if like getting award.
Crossing the busiest road seems enjoyable 
when we were holding the hands of friends tightly.
The last minute scribblings (copying) in the assignment.
Brown sheet becoming our biggest enemy
 in the lab hours.
The sudden entry of attender in class which gave excitement
 but unfortunately ending as just daily reports.
You sound sorry yourself when you alone standing in the bus 
and all your friends were seated.
During test paper distribution, 
immediate self-calculation of our marks had been done 
after peeping our friends marks...
Typing password in username
To be continue. . .

Dedicated to +Jeyasree Vijayarengan +Vijeyalakshmi Narasimhan +Vyshn Otaku  


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