A friend to remember :)

Her memories,
still freshly laid,
slowly untied.

Walking Reverse,
She was always
a friend of reach,
who treasured with
love and care,
Spilled unsaid secrets between,
Toyed ourselves to fun-ride,
She tricked me to bunk classes,
gone to laughing-heights,
lighted pranks where we go.
Became careless feathers.

Then third person gave
unwelcome entry,
egoism struck.
we parted into two.

That ever loved trustee,
went away long ago.
But left a lesson
to trust only within.

This poem linked to OLN @ dVerse Poet.


  1. it is sad when we lose a friend...but hey... don't give up hope... think we need to re-learn trust when we've been disappointed.. it is worth it though....
    love the illustration...

    1. Ya... Thanks...! Your words made me to built my hope back :)

  2. This evokes memories of friendships of my sister.. Almost like a love relation that third person entering...

  3. hmm very sad when misunderstandings spoil a relationship.

  4. it is hard....i had some prety tough trust issues because of a very similar story...a third party coming in and wrecking things....if we never trust though, but a sad and fear filled life we live....

  5. Groovy piece. Enjoyed the form.

  6. It always seems to end up that way...not sure why. I don't think I ever had one of those friendships as a kid. Not that I didn't have friends, I had plenty, but it was never on that level where they become an extension of your own mind. This was wonderful, I am so glad you came out to play and shared it . Thanks.

  7. Such a difficult thing to lose a friend, especially by an intrusion of another. Lovely poem!


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