A grain of scribbles

 My last page,
Never missed playing flames,
with sweet friends names.
In middle of boring classes,
all fancy doodles flashes.

At Last minute exam time,
becoming express train,
Filling answers in scribbles,
But to teacher, it resumes like riddles.

Posting for toad link, Sunday mini challenge In other words. To write a new poem under the title by  completing the gaps under the chosen titles .

1. The ____ Incident of the ____ in the ____-Time
2. A ____ of Wheat
3. A Grain of ____

 P.S: Is not you last page scribbler ? ;)


  1. heheheheh all the things we used to do during our school time. By the way nice lay out of the template. I love green colour and all the shades of it.

    1. Yeah... green is one of my fav colour too :)

  2. Ha.. yes I recall being a teacher having to correct exam papers... so often it read like riddles, where I tried to find a grain of truth :-)

  3. Well I hope all the answers written in scribbles are correct rather than riddles ~ Enjoyed your rhyming lines ~

  4. Sometimes, even the best efforts of a mind under pressure may resemble scribbles!

  5. Sounds like a few of my classes... way back then :-)


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