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If I were mountain

If i were mountain

If I were mountain,
All day I listen to,
Whispering sounds
of passing clouds.

If I were mountain,
Am the first frontier stand
to protect my homeland.

If I were mountain,
I keep lifeline bondage,
for flora and fauna homage.

But if I were volcanic mountain,
 I say to all my haters,
Be afraid of my craters.

Picture captcha @ Pinterest
P.s: still a girl writing in a fountain pen not a mountain. :P


  1. I enjoyed the progression of this and the different voices of 'mountain' you came up with! It made me think just how important mountains are. I liked the last stanza..indeed a volcano IS something to fear.

  2. I enjoyed your take on the prompt, particularly the third stanza and the last one made me smile.

    1. Thank you... Am glad that it made you smile... Indeed Keep smiling :)

  3. Hi Jeyanthi, I linked your poem into Poetry Jam! Hope we will see you again this next week. A new prompt goes up tonight, so watch for it.

    1. Many thanks for your consideration... Yeah i will stick to it... :)

  4. I love mountains and feel so connected to them. This poem makes me feel like a mountain and I just love it! where have you been all the time? How could I never be here? But glad that now I am here:)!!

    1. Feeling special hearing yours words, thanks for making time on my blog too... :)

  5. haha...yeah, be careful of the volcanos....i do so love the mountains though

  6. I enjoyed all the voices of your mountain. The volcanic one took my by surprise.

    1. Thanks... to give some twist effect at last part ;)


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