Its ma fantacy!

Art fascinates, 
My hand sketches,
The straights and curvy, 
with bright colors hovering.
making myself to bind in it.


" Don't drool at my perfect six pack" :P

Art Imprint :)

 Sun painting the nature beautifully.

Hand in Hand
My path is free from fear with you in leading.

Beauty lies in innocence too :) 

I linked this post to It's ma thing, with the theme to write something about a big thing was at some point during your life.I chosen art, i just love it... but now i was in no touch to it,..


  1. Wow! all the art pics are amazing along with the quotes. hey, very nice layout once again!!

    1. Thank you...I know you may like it... :P Catching the glimpse of nature :)

  2. Love the pics and the fact that you shared them in this manner on my Friday challenge. I sooooo wish I could draw or paint, heavy Great work and thanks again for coming out!

    1. Thanks for the theme, it just made me to know me more :) Drawing has no rules, take a paper and draw your mind, it just flows :);)

  3. Your art is beautiful! And your poem expresses well the feeling you have about art.


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