Masked Zombie

Masked Zombie

Just like another day,
walking on my way.
Under dry hot sun,
no room for fun.

On second thought,
Am nearing to strange face,
 packed in grumpy mask.

On passing by,
Heard-deadly tales start to linger
But anxiety adrenalin tries to hinder.

on curious turn,
The masking disguise disappears.
all turns to zombie in my vision,
just like in fiction.

Running for my dearly life,
There stands my only savior,
Immediately I become tree-huger!

With one shrug,
They transfiguring into zombie creeps,
They are not trees.

Nothing going on well,
Sure, now i found way to hell.

On loud thud,
Fall off from bed,
blaming my zombie dreams.

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P.s: Turn around, i could see one zombie hovering behind you. :P


  1. I love everything in rhyme scheme and this is awesome:)

    1. Thank you Vandana.... Just like word-play ;)

  2. I would hate that...monsters under the bed! Sweet dreams!

  3. I remember when I was a child having a bad dream and then waking up to the thud of falling out of bed. Loved this Jayanthi. :-)

    1. Wow that could be awwwwsum moment, :P and thank you too...!

  4. I wouldn't mind waking up on the floor just to know it was a dream... what a relief.

    1. Ya... then that would be dream's influence :P ;)

  5. Hiya, sorry for the late reading. I like where the challenge took you! Zombies dreams la


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