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Her secret diary

In crowd place, there is always a chance of getting things misplaced. This is how Pradeesh now standing with unknown diary in his hand. The pink color of the diary obviously says that it might fall from some girl's possession. As a good citizen, now he is responsible to return the diary whoever it might belongs to. But to add bubbles to his curious adrenalin the personal memorandum was left empty. He turns to last page with a quick prayer it should not be like Tom Riddle’s diary as one comes in Harry Potter’s movie. It was written in blue ink and some stains are visible. And he thought that probably she would have cried while writing, well it’s not she is writing an exam of zero-knowledge subject like him. :P

Slowly her secrets revealed:

Its evening time, the graduation day is about going to over, and there he is standing as casual as ever and doing all possible show-offs in front of girls. And he attends the call after tiresome of hearing his ringtone 16th time.

Am: Hey, why are you not attending the call?
Him: It’s simple. I wish not to.
Am: But i am the one most important for you back before three months.
Him: Miss Annoy-er, u always using time machine and going back to the days you enjoyed with me (can't he at least say we instead of you enjoyed with me). But am having more worth to do with my life and my destiny rather than babysitting you. It’s all over. I’m done here.

Just like blurry dream dissolving into air he gone, not even spares a glance at me, his last words makes me to crawl under the ground and not to come up in this lifetime to see the faked world.
But life moves on, time heals my pain, now I forgotten enough as no more to remember. That was the day he killed me with his hateful words but now i reborn again to "love" my existence. 

And the page ended with the mystery girl's name in bold letters -"HASTI"

P.s: I was trying to make a story but it all ended in  dramatic scene. :P

(This story is posted in response to Inspire )


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