Sink in Solitude

My hand just tore off the little paper hanging on daily calendar. I smiled to myself when I remembered that my brother and i used have silly fight for who was supposed to tear the daily calendar’s dates paper first during childhood days. But I found myself displeased when I started at today’s date.  It doesn’t  I forgot my birthday is today, even at the middle of last mid-night my phone ringed, don’t get me wrong it’s not anything like sweet melodic message from my friends receiving birthday wishes. It’s just a reminder bumped out which displays “21years Arina”, probably set by my sister. She was as sweet as always to show me that how am getting older day by day. I forgot the whole concept of today it’s just because that right now I felt like a polar bear awaken after six-months of sleeping. Say it as the adverse effect of my good night sleep.

After am wished by parents and relatives, I drawled myself to the college. I didn’t let the new friends which I managed to make in recent months just by some sort of compulsion to know my birth-date identity. If I get the glimpse of someone tries to befriend closely as just like camel can sense the water within considerable radius, i cautioned myself not to fall again. After years of sinking in solitude this is the best thing am good at- avoiding people. So the day passed without any dramatic event. I settled in my room at the end of the day, and the only thing remind me of my presence is the ticking sound of the wall clock. I couldn’t myself restrain from thinking about the last birthday. The one who cared me so much other than my family was with me at that time. But all she left behind is the wall clock which she handed me as birthday present.

But solitude does teach the lesson to me, but its own way of teaching with cost of hurt. That’s how I can keep mine all by myself.

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