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Little did I Know Rain

The flares of sunshine
diluted by passing clouds.
Feet are tapping,
Steadily to the downpour
on the road.
The murmurs of wind,
Locking unknown song
In the air.
When everything still and silent,
I imagine,
the glassy little drops
waiting for caresses
of these artistic fingers.
Somewhere at back
my mother yells
“Clean the windows.”

He is... my cookie monster!

“Mom, I don’t want to go please...”
“Ah! I promise I will get you at evening”
“No buts, it’s getting late, bell is going ring…. Run!”

She expected me to run, but actually she was running towards the parking lot leaving me behind. I dodged the sands with my shoes guessing I could plant my legs inside it.  I watched her back; I did all assured signs with my hands and yelled ‘mom’ to make her look back. But she moved on, not even bothering what her only darling daughter was trying to demand. Meanwhile all my efforts was evident to my P.T master only, he gave me one daring look in return indicating not to open my mouth again.

School is not a pleasant place for 7 years old girl, especially when you have a bully tagging along with you.

Bell rang! I fasten my steps and went straight to IIB class but not without giving a glance at IIA section class. I always wished for that class, it’s not that am having any special friend in it or that class teacher is Motherly Angel. It’s all becau…


The kites are made to fly higher,
Just to block it by tress uproot.
Giving up all our breathing air,
Just fluffy balloons to blown out.
On sea shore building sand castles,
Just high waves to turn them bristles.

When I walk past the memory,
Countless remainder of silly
recorded in my diary,
Inducing laughable belly.
And at the end of the day break,
so many to come all my way.

Poetic: Iambic Tetrameter