He is... my cookie monster!

“Mom, I don’t want to go please...”
“Ah! I promise I will get you at evening”
“No buts, it’s getting late, bell is going ring…. Run!”

She expected me to run, but actually she was running towards the parking lot leaving me behind. I dodged the sands with my shoes guessing I could plant my legs inside it.  I watched her back; I did all assured signs with my hands and yelled ‘mom’ to make her look back. But she moved on, not even bothering what her only darling daughter was trying to demand. Meanwhile all my efforts was evident to my P.T master only, he gave me one daring look in return indicating not to open my mouth again.

School is not a pleasant place for 7 years old girl, especially when you have a bully tagging along with you.

Bell rang! I fasten my steps and went straight to IIB class but not without giving a glance at IIA section class. I always wished for that class, it’s not that am having any special friend in it or that class teacher is Motherly Angel. It’s all because of cookie monster- who beats you badly when you don’t give all your cookies to him. Whenever he orders me to give the cookies, I used to handover him but now it became on daily basis. I went inside the class, stretched my gaze at the last bench hoping he should be absent today.


I was startled hearing my name out of nowhere. I held my bag tightly, thinking of what to tell her of me begin late. I choose the learned reply from my classmate, yesterday when Rhaib was late he said that he missed the school bus and Mam excused him.
“Mam… I missed the school bus.”
“Okay! Shalyin, you are shifted to section A from today. So you can go there.”
 It was shocking good news to me. Wow, I above turned and was about to run towards that class thanking God for answering my secret prayer. But my teacher called me again.
“But Shalyin, Answer me! Are you coming to school daily by school bus?”

After that only I realized that am not even a school bus student, so how could I even miss the bus? Seeing my just now emerged bulging eye balls, she didn’t said anything instead asked me to leave. I went to my new class with too much relief and happiness and settled down quickly. Hereafter, no cookie monster, jolly.

#Interval time

All students started to roam here and there. And chalk-pieces were launched from one corner of the class to other side. Suddenly I was poked by someone from behind. I turned around. I was stunned to see him again; I didn’t expect him to be shifted here too. He approached slowly, all I could visualize was one of the Scooby doo’s creepy ghost nearing me.
Facing me, he asked “Where’s your cookies, Shaly?” My eyes were trimming with tears, I wish I could run but my legs were sticking to ground. There were no cookies in my home today, so I didn’t bring any. At morning I planned to demand my mom that if she doesn’t buy cookies then I will not go to school but as usual she totally ignored me and dragged me to school. See now, who was caught by cookie monster? It’s me.
I said with my crackling voice“Am not having.”
“Don’t lie, Shaylin.” He angrily grabbed the pencil from my hand and broke into two pieces, and ran away. I downcast my eyes and the tears spilled on my shoes averting some dirt.

After that incident his behavior became very different. He was not bullying me anymore and was not asking to give him cookies. It was strange.

On one evening, I ducked my head inside my school bag and searching for workbook. When I moved my notes one by one, I got a bristling noise underneath from my bag. So I held the bag and dumped down all things from the bag to the floor. At the top of the mountain of books and notes a cookie packet landed and one new pencil with rubber stand at back was rolling down from it. Wondering how it gotten into my bag, I took cookie packet and inside the wrapper it was written I am sorry and under that there were some scribbling letters like “C”. Maybe he signed his name as Carl, but to me the imprint was reminding of only cookie monster because he left only the empty wrapper inside my bag. On next day when I asked him why he changed suddenly he said “Shaly, you remember when you entered to our new class section A, within few hours all students came forward to talk to you. At that time you were smiling and happy. But when I was new there, not even one boy was talking to me. I realized you are too kind, so everyone became friendly with you. And when you cried I felt bad for hurting a sweet girl.”

 On that moment onwards we became friends, shared our cookies and started framing many self-made-excuses to tell our teachers and parents.
Friendship starts at where there is a story of realization and forgiveness.
This is posted in response to IndiSpire  "Sometimes sorry is not enough.. Then what is?"


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