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The sound of his shoes was tapped on the sidewalk. It was nothing like rhyme but clear enthusiasm. And it was slow down and became completely silenced at regular spot. He could not believe what he was hearing from nearby other than his shoes’s sound. The noise was coming from a hammer. In front of him, he could watch too many white painted small logs which was uncountable from the perspective view of his eyes. And the worker was busy in fixing those. He moved his glance towards the mango tree remotely and walked away remembering the hammer sound.
As the day light getting dimmer, evening was drawing near and his tring school was over by the time. He came back and took his spot and watched again the mango tree. Now it’s half of the view was covered with newly made fence. Some emotions took inside him and caused him immobile. But before where the fence had been rooted , he could get nearer to the tree freely every evening after school and shoot some stones on it. It gifted him ripen mangoes daily. As it started becoming habitual he grew attachment with the tree. Now everything changed within a day. He dropped his head and unknowingly tears was sliding away from his face. But his watery eyes reflected the image of a small plant holding his tears on its leaves. That made him to understood. He was silent for few seconds and the next moment he walked away and knew what he was going to do.
He halted just before his house entrance and stopped with count fifty-five. He went his home and came back with water bucket. He watered the needy plant which was fifty fifth of his count. The mango tree not only gifted him rippen mangoes but also too many seedlings. Whenever he got the mango from that tree after eating it he used to dig a hole and left seeds covered while going back to home. And some of it sprouted with nature help. He never knew that he sowed many mango seeds and left unwater until now. He understood now not only keep on expecting things from others, we were also  in duty to give some. He traced back all his mango plants on his pathway and started watering happily everyday.


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The Moment

I like to be loved
You like to be loved
I don’t love you
You don’t love me
Yeah you don’t love me
I don’t love you
May be we do
may be we don’t
may be we will
may be very soon
may be very late…
Dunno when would love bloom..
may be on day wen sun find its way..
may be on night when owl howl..
May be when it is not expected…
May be when it is most needed…
Despite the impossible odds
and all the distance between us…
I still hold out a small hope that
someday somehow someway we find each other…
All I could say is
Staying in love.
Tat time
I see
you in me
I in you
Nothing around
Only we.
The end!!!!
Me and my friend Jeet composed a song, just when we are having a moment :P

He is... my cookie monster!

“Mom, I don’t want to go please...”
“Ah! I promise I will get you at evening”
“No buts, it’s getting late, bell is going ring…. Run!”

She expected me to run, but actually she was running towards the parking lot leaving me behind. I dodged the sands with my shoes guessing I could plant my legs inside it.  I watched her back; I did all assured signs with my hands and yelled ‘mom’ to make her look back. But she moved on, not even bothering what her only darling daughter was trying to demand. Meanwhile all my efforts was evident to my P.T master only, he gave me one daring look in return indicating not to open my mouth again.

School is not a pleasant place for 7 years old girl, especially when you have a bully tagging along with you.

Bell rang! I fasten my steps and went straight to IIB class but not without giving a glance at IIA section class. I always wished for that class, it’s not that am having any special friend in it or that class teacher is Motherly Angel. It’s all becau…