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Puddina Rice

I got an applause from my darlzz for Puddina Rice😁. So I decided to share it here.

Boiled Rice
Oil for frying
Mustard and kadalai Dall (or else ghee fried cashew nuts)
One sliced onion
One sliced tomato (optional)
Ginger -garlic paste
Briyani Massala - 2 tablespoon
Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon (it extracts the mosture of puddina)
Salt - as needed
One tumbler water
One pinch asafoetida for good smell.

For grinding:
Puddina (mint) chopped and required  as much as you desired to get the flavour.
Coriander leaves - three to four strands.
Coconut slices - three to five is enough.
Malli thool - one tablespoon.
Green chillies - either one or two.
*So first step is to grind the ingredients given for grinding in a mixer to form a paste.
*Next, take a pan and heat the oil. Add mustard, Dall, ginger garlic paste, sliced onion and tomatoes. Fry till it cooks down well.
*Our last step is to add the grinded puddina mixture paste, turmeric powder briyani massala and salt and mix it …

Avul Upumma

Believe me Avul Upumma is easy and nice recipe that will be going to be one of your regular morning breakfast.

Ingredients :

Avul- 3 cup , first grind it for only one round in a mixer, as it becomes powdery if we grind more than once (it comes in two types one is whitish and thiny whereas other one is slightly reddish and hard. Choose what you prefer) After that wash it and drain the water completely. Then just sprinkle needed salt on it.
Small onion chopped - 1 cup
Green chillies - 2
Oil for frying
Mustard and urad dal (white lentils)- 1tablespoon
Curry leaves three strands
Coconut flakes - 1/2cup
1/2 tumbler water

Method :

*Heat the oil in a pan. Add mustard, urad dal, green chillies, onions, coconut flakes and curry leaves and fry it down. Then pour 1/2 tumbler water and boil it.
*Add the salted avul and mix well at simmer.
*Serve it with sugar. ( After that drink one tumbler full of old cooked rice water